Apr 07

My piece on @LinkedInPulse today: Comparing YouTube phenom TheNiveNulls metrics compared to reigning family vlog champs Shaytards

My piece on LinkedIn Pulse today: Will TheNiveNulls be the next YouTube family vlog superstars to take on Shaytards? 

Mar 18

Why you should buy “30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel” by Tim Schmoyer

I wanted to point you guys to perhaps the best resource I’ve seen to date about building YouTube audiences: "30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel" by Tim Schmoyer. Tim is a friend of mine and the creator of the Video Creators YouTube channel, where he helps channel owners every week with incredible tips.

imageIn the book, Tim shows you how to build an actively-involved subscriber community for your YouTube channel. He covers channel strategy, search and discovery, audience development, video content strategy, and more.

Tim is prolific with his advice and gives incredible tips, tricks and methodologies. He’s as good or better as anyone doing this today.

Now Tim has put all this information into an eBook than anyone can buy. He offered to give me one for free but I refused and bought it instead. I wanted to purchase it myself to support Tim and all the incredible free advice his videos have provided myself, my clients, and the YouTube community.

If you take these lessons to heart, this $30 book will save you thousands of dollars that Tim charges his clients, and you’ll get essentially the same information. But if you’re not much of a reader, hire Tim as a consultant or trainer - he’s the best!

Here is the affiliate link Tim has given me "30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel", but I’m not doing the affiliate link for the commission. Rather I’m using the link because I want it to be trackable, and show Tim that the Hey.com followers are interested in what he has to say and support people doing great work.

Thanks guys!

Jan 20

"Going Beyond View Obsession" republished on VideoInk

So pleased that VideoInk wanted to syndicate my guest post on the Zefr blog “Going Beyond View Obsession: Why many brands aren’t getting the full picture of their YouTube viewership.” 

These two posts have received a lot of attention, and caused not a little controversy. Particularly my premise that ”Subscribers, Not Views, Are the Holy Grail for Marketers.”

Thanks VideoInk and Zefr!