Hey - Dane Golden is speaking on YouTube at the @MediaLeaders virtual marketing conference - join me!

Hey guys -

Excited to be presenting at the Media Leaders virtual marketing conference¬†on April 2 (and throughout April). I’ll be speaking on how to use YouTube for marketing your small business (but the principles and tips work for any business).

Here’s a preview of my presentation:


You’ll notice in the preview that I used examples a couple of videos from Scott Jordan’s ScottEVest channel (ScottEVest is a outdoor- and geek-focused clothing brand based in Sun Valley, Idaho). I think Scott does a great job with YouTube and other social media. He is fearless in how he personally engages with his customers and builds a community of ScottEVest¬†customers and fans, one-by-one, brick-by-brick.

I think the MediaLeaders conference is going to be very valuable and I’m going to visit each of the segments myself (you can, too - they’re all included in the one price). Josh Ochs has assembled more than two dozen sharp professionals who share their tips in marketing, public relations and business development. BTW - it looks like he’s still offering an early-bird discount and here’s where you sign up.