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Video marketing isn’t just about making cool videos – that’s only the beginning.

Why we do what we do.

Sure, we love highly-produced videos as much as anyone. But for an results-driven video content marketing approach, the content has to give the viewers something of value. Usually that content gives your potential customers a quick tip that makes them better at their jobs or makes their lives easer. Sometimes these kinds of videos are expensive, but more often they are not. In a video content marketing approach, content can range from simple how-to videos to entire libraries of helpful industry training.

With online video, you can no longer make someone watch something they don’t want to watch. You have to give them something of value first, then you can pitch them later.

We work on all video platforms.

Social video used to be all about YouTube. But today, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter now have their own native video formats, each with its own advantages and challenges. We help you customize your approach for each platform.

We service intermediate to advanced clients.

Most of our clients are already producing very good videos, but they just aren’t satisfied with the conversion from these videos. So we work with your existing production teams to determine which types of videos are driving greatest sales and lead generation.

We believe in demand generation.

Without demand generation, the modern company is always a step behind. But most videos today unfortunately don’t take a content marketing approach, they take a “look at me” approach. This just doesn’t work long-term anymore. People don’t want to be sold; they want to be informed and led to a decision by way of video-based information that helps them solve a problem.

YouTube’s Hero, Hub, Help.

YouTube – which has a multi-billion dollar incentive for brands to advertise – has said that the videos you don’t pay them to advertise are just as important as the ones you do. In addition to paid views, YouTube says you’ve got to grow an audience organically with content designed for both your avid customers (hub) and your prospective customers (help).

Video production is only half the job.

It’s easy to think that once the video is completed and uploaded, the job is over. Actually with social video on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms, the work has just begun. The production of the video accounts for 50% of its success while optimizing for the video platform is 25% of success and paid promotion, social sharing, and other funnel integration account for 25% of the success for the video. Rather than acting in silos, the actors in each of these specialties must act in concert for greatest overall value.


Why do video at all?

Companies do YouTube and Facebook video because they know they should. But very few  companies know how to use these video platforms to their fullest potential. We want you to get the full 100% value from these assets.

How can we help you?

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