Video Marketing Value Podcast From HEY.comThe “Video Marketing Value Podcast from” is where marketers and business owners like you get more value from your video marketing efforts.

“It was great… I listened to all 25 [episodes]” – Lane Fournerat

In the podcast, video marketing expert Dane Golden interviews top voices from around the video marketing industry to find out their secrets to success. We give you the best strategy and tips to get the greatest value out of your video marketing budget. Focused on helping marketers, businesses, and brands. We focus mostly on YouTube both organic and paid media, with an eye on strategy, content programming, and optimization. Guests have included Matt Gielen, Jeremy Vest, Tom Breeze, Tom Martin, Treena Little, Sean Cannell and other top influencers.

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HOST: Dane Golden of | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

PRODUCER: Jason Perrier of Phizzy Studios


  1. How To Both Self-Publish And Do YouTube For Your Business With Dale L. Roberts of Self-Publishing With Dale
  2. Pixability’s 2019 State of Digital Video Report With Matt Duffy
  3. How To Decide Which Live Streaming Platform To Use With Ileane Smith
  4. How To Do Local Video Advertising With Aaron Pearson Of BitBranding
  5. Social Video As The New Landing Page With Brendan Gahan Of Epic Signal
  6. Video Marketing World With Scott Simson
  7. How To Do Video Marketing For SaaS With Dominik Wever
  8. What Businesses Really Need From Their Video Partner With Joshua Wethington of Broken Peanut Media
  9. How To Track YouTube Subscriber Conversion Rate With Gwen Miller Of Kin
  10. How To Simplify Your Video Marketing Production With Nick Artunyan Of LiveShoot
  11. How To Turn The C-Suite Into On-Camera Pros In 60 Seconds With Steve McWilliams Of EyeDirect
  12. How To Start A LinkedIn Video Channel With String Nguyen Of Master Your Video
  13. What Late Night Comedy’s YouTube End Screens Mean For Business With Wally Weilbaecher Of Group Nine Media
  14. The 2019 State Of Video In Business Report With Tyler Lessard Of Vidyard
  15. The 2019 Video Marketing Playbook With Matt Ballek of VidiSEO
  16. How To Find The Best YouTube Topics For Your Channel With Nico Kamenzky of Morningfame
  17. How Captions Get More Social Video Views With Gideon Shalwick Of Splasheo
  18. How To Easily Make YouTube Marketing Videos With Renee Teeley Of PowToon
  19. YouTube Optimization The Complete Guide With Tom Martin
  20. How To Make The Best YouTube Descriptions With Camilo Coutinho
  21. How Captions Help YouTube Viewership With Jason Chicola Of
  22. How To Advertise On YouTube The Right Way With Tom Breeze of Viewability
  23. How-To Videos For Marketing With Dusty Porter
  24. Video Marketing For Local Businesses With Will Rosebrock Of Texas Green Plumbing
  25. Breaking Down YouTube Video Categories And Formats With Matt Gielen
  26. YouTube Secrets With Sean Cannell
  27. How To Build An Email List With YouTube With Trena Little
  28. How To Use Teleprompters For YouTube With Brighton West From Brighton West Video
  29. Should You Build Or Buy Your Video Marketing Team With Jeremy Vest


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