To the rescue

Email’s great, but it needs some love. Below, we’ve shared 25 fundamental issues we see with email. HEY handles all of them on day one.

  1. You screen your calls but you can’t screen your emails.
  2. If you don’t start the thread, you're stuck with other people’s terrible, non-descriptive email subjects.
  3. Some emails are worth your immediate attention, but most are definitely not.
  4. Files are attached to emails, not the other way around.
  5. You don’t need to be told when to check your email.
  6. People write you now, but you often want to reply later.
  7. Emails are either in your face, or hidden from view — there is no middle ground.
  8. Companies track which emails you open, how often you open them, and even where you were when you opened them.
  9. Conversations about the same thing are often split across multiple threads.
  10. You have to read emails one at a time.
  11. You can’t reply in peace.
  12. Anyone who emails you a lot tends to dominate your inbox.
  13. Sending big files via email is a hassle.
  14. Long threads may only contain one important paragraph.
  15. You don’t know if someone you really wanted to hear from just emailed you.
  16. Everyone else can put stuff in your inbox, but you can’t.
  17. Conversations may start in email, but they may continue somewhere else.
  18. Giving your email address out inevitably leads to receiving a bunch of stuff you didn’t want.
  19. Many emails need to be kept, but never need to be read.
  20. Inboxes are an absolute intertwined mess of messages in different states.
  21. Mail rules are hacks, and symptoms of a configuration over convention mindset.
  22. The “in” in inbox is the problem.
  23. Cleaning up, or getting to zero, is a constant, wasted effort.
  24. Read or unread is irrelevant much of the time.
  25. Counts create anxiety.

We’ve put email on notice. Read the manifesto, or…

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