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Before you begin, read me first

Below are some common questions people ask before switching their company to HEY. Please read, then click the button at the bottom to begin.

Can I start setting up HEY for Work without breaking our current mail system?

Yes. Your company email will continue to work on whatever platform you're currently on (Google, Outlook, etc), until you complete the clearly labeled, final step of pointing your MX records over to HEY. No surprises — you’re in control.

Also, nothing changes with your website hosting or anything like that. The only thing that changes when you switch to HEY is that you host your email with HEY. Everything else stays the same.

How long does the setup process take? Will I need help from IT?

It should only take 10-20 minutes of your time, but you’ll have 30 days to get your co-workers set up, your DNS settings updated at your registrar, and everything ready to go before you press the final button and officially switch your company’s email to HEY.

If you aren’t familiar with TXT records, CNAMES, and MX records, we recommend Zooming, Skyping, or in-personing with someone technical at your company who can help you out. It’s not hard, but if you’re unfamiliar it can feel daunting.

Can we keep the same company email addresses when we switch to HEY?

Yes. Since you’ll be bringing your own domain, you can use the exact same email addresses as you do now. So, if you’re today in Gmail or Office 365, you can be when your email is hosted at HEY.

Can we point multiple domains to a single HEY account?

No. Each HEY for Work account can host a single domain. If your company has multiple domains, you’ll need to either set up multiple HEY for Work accounts, or use a third party service like which forwards emails from one domain to another.

If I use HEY for personal and work email, can I view all my email in one place?

Yes. You can link multiple HEY accounts so you can see all your email in one place. This includes multiple HEY for Work accounts.

Can we import our old email into HEY?

No. Your old email will stay where it is, it won’t be imported into HEY. Your current business email provider will likely offer an export option so you can store it locally if you ever need it.

If we switch, does everyone at our company have to use HEY for email?

Yes, everyone at your company will need to use HEY when you make the switch. Once you’ve made the switch, every co-worker will check, send, and receive email using HEY. They won’t be able to use Gmail, Outlook, or whatever else they’ve been using for email in the past. They can of course still use Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc — the only thing that changes when you switch to HEY is email.

If you have other questions or need more information before moving forward, drop us a note at Otherwise, let’s get you on your way to much better email with HEY.

I’ve read, I’m ready, let’s go…

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